XISCARD - access control
the intuitive app

Why XISCARD? Easy implementation. No need for large infrastructures. Completely modular. Adapted to construction sites. It evolves with the site. Ease of operation. Real-time readings.



We use everyday equipment. Any mobile device can be an access point.


An intuitive app. Prepared for everyone on site to use.

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With real-time counting, it is possible to guarantee greater assistance in case of emergency.

Pricing plan


For individuals or small teams
- 1 site access control
- up to 500/month registers
- up to 5 workers
- virtual cards
- 1 dashboard account

€539/billed annually

For small construction sites 
- 3 site access control
- up to 1500/month registers
- no limit workers
- virtual cards
- 3 dashboard account
- Excel reports
- technical support 

Get a custom price

For projects who need deeper control
from small upgrades of the Primium version to solutions with equipment and parameterization according to your needs

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How it works

Simple. Contact us, install the app, create an account, configure the construction site and...start recording entries

Why us?

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Because we have more than 20 years of experience with mobile construction sites.
Mobirise Website Builder


Because it is designed so that anyone on site can use it.

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Because we only use the information that matters.

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